Infinity Coping

Our brains have limited processing capacity. When confronted with choices our decision time increases exponentially over three choices and more, for every additional choice. This seems counter-intuitive at first. Having more options presents a greater chance that the optimal solution is available. This may be so. The uncertainty of whether this solution is amoung the […]

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When a plan comes together

Effective execution distinguishes great plans that come together and great plans that don’t. You can be the best planner in the world, the greatest strategist, if you cannot implement, you will write great textbooks and that’s about it. Execution of great plans requires a team effort. Everyone understanding their part. Everyone committed to the objective. […]

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Run the Maze

Every problem we face feels like a maze. In the search for solutions, we constantly hit dead ends. This is especially true with more complex problems with no ‘discovered’ solutions. New businesses, start-ups, product development, strategy, corporate culture are all problems without blueprints. We understand the principles that help us to navigate the maze, but […]

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Future memory

Legacy is perhaps a better word for it. The memory of the future. We create it every day. It raises the question, “What will the future result of today’s work be?” It’s a question we prefer not to ask because it is unlikely that we will get an accurate answer. Looking to the future through […]

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Technology vs experience

With the blistering pace of technological innovation, systems are constantly increasing in the sophistication of its prediction and interpretation. As this ability is applied in more and more contexts, the human interface/replacement question is becoming more complex and more relevant than ever. We are confronted with questions we have never had to think about before. […]

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