Involved or committed

The fundamental difference is not one of capacity or skill. It’s one of intention. When we want to be involved, we join for the experience and the benefits. We pursue the convenience and the added value. By the same measure, involvement fizzles out when the cost rises. When the trade-off becomes too steep or the […]

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Intimidating Dreams

Mostly, we write off audacious dreams as a lack of experience or the follies of youth. Age teaches us that you are unlikely to make a significant impact on the world. Best to stick to what you know and build a life for yourself. That is enough. Enough should never be defined by what seems […]

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Relevance of purpose

An organisation is born not when we register a company, but when we give it a purpose. At that moment a new entity is created. It possesses intelligence that will increase (process intelligence). It has a dream for its future (vision) and a character (values). The implications of creating such an entity are that the […]

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The world is more connected than ever. It’s something we seek. We want to connect with more than your social media manager or marketing department. We want to be in touch with more than just a call center or a chatbot. We want to connect with your purpose. We want a vision that inspires. We […]

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Captain in the crow’s nest

Traditionally, captains function at the helm of the ship. They ensure the vessel is steered correctly and accurately. They have a firm grasp on the execution of the vision. This position includes inherent blind spots. Although the captain has a great view of the ship, his ability to spot to the horizon is limited. He […]

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