The value of not yet

In a world of instant gratification, waiting is not tolerated. We want constant progress and constant growth. Anything that stands in the way is the enemy. The consequence is short term thinking and short term results frameworks. It turns out there is significant value in waiting. It’s not just about as soon as possible, but […]

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Perfect Shot

It does not happen often. The light is right, the timing is perfect and the angle is sublime. In focus, on time, in context, at the right distance, with the right lens and the best subject matter. So many factors. So many moving parts. It seems impossible. You train. You rehearse. You improve in our […]

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It’s when we operate outside of our capacity. We extend just too far, we pick up a weight that’s just too heavy, we accept a project that’s just too big. Overreaching comes with a hefty price tag. We do it because we become impatient. We can no longer reconcile the benefits of the achievement with […]

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