Perhaps it’s time to reconsider.

As we go through life and build businesses we face tough questions, problems, and situations. Over time we solve it. We create methodologies, processes and principles. These are mental short-cuts of sorts. They help us to use our mental capacity efficiently. We only have the ability to consciously think of so many things at once. […]

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Lessons in Frugality

Frugality is unpopular until it’s necessary. Partly because we associate it will lack. It’s not fashionable to turn around pennies or save. Indulgence is much more appealing. We overconsume as a fashion statement. We waste as a sign of excess. Our ability to do so creates an impression of wealth and abundance. Such behaviour, as […]

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Count the cost

It’s hard to do accurately. Especially when it’s for something we have never done before like building a herb garden, or launching a product, or going through a business reconstruction. It’s almost always harder, more expensive and more time consuming than we expect. Incorrectly scoping cost causes us to overcommit. We take on more than […]

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I am so inspired by the person on the other side of a sales call. They deal with an incredible amount of rejection on a daily basis. Often in a disrespectful manner. They quickly learn to become like water. It is never hindered in its ultimate pursuit. It meets whatever stands in its path with […]

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