Intimidating Dreams

Mostly, we write off audacious dreams as a lack of experience or the follies of youth. Age teaches us that you are unlikely to make a significant impact on the world. Best to stick to what you know and build a life for yourself. That is enough. Enough should never be defined by what seems […]

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The size of your question

defines the range of your potential solutions. When we ask, “What can I do to earn a living?” I will come up with a range of possible answers. Many of these will present entrepreneurial opportunities for me to pursue. If I am able to answer this question successfully, I might become my own boss. The […]

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Why you might be in prison.

I recently spent some time in prison. Sadly, I found many of my friends there. Suppose it supports the adage “Mind the company you keep.” We all wear the same orange jumpsuit. It is what the system requires. It destroys our individuality and treats us all the same based on one shared trait, our propensity […]

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