Run the Maze

Every problem we face feels like a maze. In the search for solutions, we constantly hit dead ends. This is especially true with more complex problems with no ‘discovered’ solutions. New businesses, start-ups, product development, strategy, corporate culture are all problems without blueprints. We understand the principles that help us to navigate the maze, but […]

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In the final analysis.

The hand was dealt. The cards were played. The project was completed. The cookie has crumbled. What do we discover? The final analysis offers the opportunity for reflection. It presents a chance to grow, learn, evolve and transcend. It requires a dissection of the preparation, the experience and the outcome. We analyse our original assumptions […]

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What is useful

Imagine going on a hike and filling your backpack with items you are unlikely to use, but really like. It doesn’t make sense. When we prepare for a hike we only pack what will be useful. We also pack some emergency equipment we hope we won’t need but will be grateful to have if we […]

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