Flying Solo

What a milestone! Everything a young pilot dreams about. That first flight when you are in charge. It’s an exhilarating experience. A noteworthy accomplishment. It stands as a testimony to your abilities and dedication. It’s also the basics. As soon as we start to pilot bigger aircraft we never fly solo, no matter your level […]

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Missed Opportunities

Everything we do has an opportunity cost. What is the best way to spend your time, energy, investment, experience? Anything less than that creates opportunity cost. It’s the difference between your chosen course of action and the most optimal solution available. Quantifying opportunity cost helps us to understand that we do not measure against a […]

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When your team is strong enough

You have to let them do it. It’s a tough transition. Especially if you are an owner/founder. You built the business from the ground up. You know how it works and why. You’ve scaled successfully. This is also why you spent time and energy surrounding yourself with a crack team of people you can trust. […]

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Playing to your strengths

In order to do so, we must first appreciate our uniqueness. You have value to add. We all need you to add it. The best way to do so is to offer what you are great at and allow everyone else the opportunity to do the same. A single ingredient does not a meal make. […]

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It’s hard work. We all have different ideas, opinions and experiences. We all think we are right. We all are. It is certainly easier to do your own thing. You have less compromises. You do not have to admit your biases. You get to remain comfortably under your own rock. You get less done. Collaboration […]

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