The man who always says no.

Find that man. Make him your friend. Whenever you have an idea, invite him for coffee. He will say no. He will show you all the challenges, problems and reasons it cannot work. This might demotivate you, irritate you and frustrate you. If it does, it means something he said is probably right. Therein lies […]

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Work that matters

What would that be? When does work matter? The usual utilitarian response would be when it makes an impact. How do we affect the largest number of people, say 1 billion? Certainly, that matters. Saving the life of one person, through rescue, medicine or bravery matters. (A massive impact on the life of a single […]

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Your principles offend me

We live in a world where uniqueness and individuality are valued and celebrated. This is a great leap in preserving and respecting the dignity of every person. If left unchecked, however, it can spiral out of reason. As an individual, I will agree and disagree with many other individuals. This is a fact of life. […]

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When teams disagree

It’s mission critical. If a team is not on the same page inefficiency sets in and successful execution hangs in the balance. Even more so when these are project teams. Time is not in your favour. High functioning teams are held together by mutual respect and self-accountability. These building blocks start to crumble when we […]

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Gut Feeling

Your gut is an incredible system of bacteria. It is balanced and specific. It helps with the breakdown of food and the absorption of nutrients. It functions like a small ecosystem within a larger body that provides the energy to keep it going. The energy in your business is generated by people, assets and vision. […]

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