Under Pressure

In an ideal world, we like to think that we would experience no pressure. We perceive pressure as a negative consequence of the modern world. This is not so. Pressure creates energy that enables performance. Our heart’s primary function is to create pressure. It is this very pressure that sustains life. As we all know, […]

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Unreconciled Expectations

Sometimes reality just doesn’t measure up. We go into situations and experiences with some idea as to the outcome or value we hope to gain. Often, we leave disappointed. It raises an important question. Were our expectations too high, or was the experience below standard? It’s a tough one too answer. In order to cope […]

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What you measure

We pay attention to what we measure. If you measure the time people clock in and out, people will conform the culture to clock in and out on time. That will not mean they spend the in time productively. If you measure the number of customers served you will get quick customer service. It probably […]

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