High-Quality Work

It’s an income statement, not a balance sheet. It is a measure of work over a period of time rather than a reflection of the current state of affairs. By implication, high-quality is not a switch we turn on and off. Instead, it’s an indication of a state of mastery. This is true in every […]

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In pursuit of monopolies

A monopoly is a situation where one dominant player owns the market. Historically, this has resulted in poor outcomes for consumers. The incumbent can set prices and manipulate prices, becomes lazy and inefficient, compromises on quality and offers mediocre service. All the while scooping profits from unhappy customers who have no other alternative. We can […]

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Funding is good…

Customers are better. Instead of spending time in search of grant funding, invest time to find your tribe. They may be small and reclusive. But you inspire them. They believe in your dream and appreciate your value. They need you. When the goal is value, the metrics for success change. When we change what we […]

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