The Dialogue

An essential ingredient to the successful resolution of grand challenges. Challenges of this magnitude require the collective intelligence and perspectives of government, civil society, academia and business and industry. It does not happen often enough, and when it does, it tends to quickly digress to a talk show with little real-world application. Each area represented […]

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Consumer and Producer

Most of us are both. In some areas, we use and utilise, often even in the process of our own production. In other areas, we are the creators. We design, build, offer and serve. These two functions are mutually dependent on a macro scale and form the root of our economic system. Within this system, […]

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Consuming less

With constant marketing bombarding our lives, we tend to overconsume. It’s not intentional, it’s consequential. When the entire premise for the economy and therefore business, is constant growth, it requires us to sell more. We sell more when we get more customers purchasing more products. This makes business sense until we consider the break-even point. […]

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