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The fight against stress, anxiety and depression it a tough one. As with all disease, it is very personal. There are no rest days, no breaks. What makes mental illness even more challenging is that it betrays you. You can no longer trust yourself, your thinking, your decisions or your emotions. You easily feel out […]

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Default Setting

We all have them. It’s all the things we do without thinking. Not because we are lazy, but because the default setting has been programmed to execute without additional mental loading. This is useful for menial everyday tasks like driving, cooking, getting dressed. The existence of defaults in our thinking frees up processing power for […]

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Flying Solo

What a milestone! Everything a young pilot dreams about. That first flight when you are in charge. It’s an exhilarating experience. A noteworthy accomplishment. It stands as a testimony to your abilities and dedication. It’s also the basics. As soon as we start to pilot bigger aircraft we never fly solo, no matter your level […]

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Second Fiddle

In music, the first instrument usually plays the melody or the more advanced piece of music. The role is thus reserved for the most accomplished player in the orchestra. Playing second fiddle then, by definition means, you are not the best. You are runner up. You are good but not great. These are the connotations […]

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Power Struggle

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s an all too familiar phrase. It has since become synonymous with the idea that power is a test of character. This power could be influence, as in fame or the limelight, or authority, as in positions of power. As if power is the crucible in which we forge […]

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