Consumer and Producer

Most of us are both. In some areas, we use and utilise, often even in the process of our own production. In other areas, we are the creators. We design, build, offer and serve. These two functions are mutually dependent on a macro scale and form the root of our economic system. Within this system, […]

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The Lazy Option

Price. It’s a reflection of the added value. It’s determined by the buyer. This leaves us with two options in a competitive market. The easy option is to decrease our prices through efficiency and scales (or lower profit margins in exchange for volumes). In the long run, this is not easy. Our business is squeezed […]

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Scaling up: Supply and Demand

Scaling up can be tricky business. You finally start to gain some traction and market acceptance. The business is not staggering up operating losses anymore. Perhaps even breaking even. It is a promise of exciting times ahead. It’s a catch 22 though. You might scale up and find yourself sitting with stock on hand and […]

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