Executing Big Visions

The tension created by visionary ideas is very large. The gap between current reality and aspirations is so wide that it soon leads to incapacity or hasty, uncoordinated activity. Big visions must be broken down. We need to dissipate the tension into manageable chunks. This creates an objective that seems achievable and therefore drives us […]

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It’s not always easy to determine. There are always more things that need doing than our ability, means or time to do it. This requires us to prioritise. We give preference to certain activities over others. Making the right choice is critical. The only way to ensure we do so is to create a framework […]

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Predictable Outcomes

They are easy in isolation. They are slightly harder when we string them together.  The chances are smaller, but the possibilities are still known. When we include people in the mix, this becomes infinitely harder. We have many social tools and behavioural predictors that attempt to predict individual and group behaviour. The relationships between the […]

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