The Stretch

When last did you do it? Stretching is not always comfortable. It creates a tension that includes uncomfortable pain. It’s preferable to skip it and go straight on to the workout, or life in general. The momentary inconvenience saves us the excruciating pain of injury and frees up our movement. It lessens the effects of […]

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Crutches are useful for the displacement of weight when our ability to bear it is compromised. It facilitates the healing process of the compromised limb through rest. Initially walking with crutches is uncomfortable. Our arms are weak and our hands get blisters from the new source of constant friction. Over time we get stronger.  The […]

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Your Mountain

Your story is as unique as your journey. But every story has a mountain. A burden you must bear, a challenge you must overcome, a tragedy you must face or a pain you must conquer. Mountains are hard. We do not conquer them with dignity. They push us beyond our means. They rip off our […]

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