First Time

Yes, there is a first time for everything. The consoling line you get from onlookers or mentors when you fail abysmally. The challenge does not lie in our experience or performance, but rather in our expectations. We tend to build it up in our minds. We plan to expand our experience, sure, but expect at […]

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Investor’s paradox

Sometimes we are under the impression that money is scarce. It’s hard to find investment for businesses. The economy is under pressure, investors are looking off-shore. There is risk aversion in the market. The list of excuses is as innovative as the people who make them. Investors are on the other side of the spectrum. […]

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Funding is good…

Customers are better. Instead of spending time in search of grant funding, invest time to find your tribe. They may be small and reclusive. But you inspire them. They believe in your dream and appreciate your value. They need you. When the goal is value, the metrics for success change. When we change what we […]

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Defined by Design

A lawnmower does not make for a good fan. A fan does not make for a good propeller. Each contains all the essential elements of the other. These products are defined by their design, configuration and construction. Each could be used in a different way, but they will never fulfil that function as well as […]

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When projects die…

All successful projects die. The purpose of a project is to become irrelevant. Once it achieves the predetermined objectives, it ceases to exist. This is good. Some projects die prematurely. They run out of time or money, or they fail to achieve the required quality criteria. This is bad. Some projects are bad, but due […]

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