Slow down and perform

It’s a time of the year when many people tend to slow down. This creates a cascading effect. We prefer not to start things that we will then have to leave hanging over the festive season. The result is that we delay decisions, postpone work and shelf opportunities. Slowing down is valuable. It offers time […]

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In our rushed lives we rarely make time for detours. Our goal orientation and ferocious focus, commendable as it is, steal the luxury of leisure from our existence. Detours should be distinguished from wrong turns. Detours are not failures or errors. They are intentional. They are the choice for something significant that the main road […]

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Time to waste.

We account for time in one of two ways: second by second or lifetime. Since time is limited, we passionately promote efficiency. It’s all about the hustle. It’s about optimal value out of every second. There is no time to waste. Every second must be productive. Every day must account. Every action justified by its […]

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