What you have to offer

You have one of two options. You could create something “me too”. It’s an option that exists but with your branding. This is quite easy. Figure out the recipe for what someone else is doing and copy it. The end result will be decreased profits for everyone and a race to the bottom since the […]

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Justified by…

What justifies our actions? … our inequality? … our complacency? What justifies our purpose? …our value? … our treatment of others? What justifies our justification? Show me how you enable and support the dignity of others. Show me how you honour and serve your community. Don’t justify. Mike Setchell

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What is useful

Imagine going on a hike and filling your backpack with items you are unlikely to use, but really like. It doesn’t make sense. When we prepare for a hike we only pack what will be useful. We also pack some emergency equipment we hope we won’t need but will be grateful to have if we […]

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