The Fight of your Life

It’s not where you might expect. Sure, there are many big fights we might encounter. Some of the big ones include poverty, access to education, bias in its many forms, privilege, geographical reality and even health. These are tough fights. They continue to claim many victims. Many of these fights are symptoms of systemic exclusion […]

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Increasing Performance

There are two levers to manipulate. Do more of the good stuff. Do less of the bad stuff. The choice seems linear and inconsequential. This is not true. When a car is not fuel-efficient we could just pour in more fuel and get where we are headed. It will cost more (more good stuff) but […]

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Your Limits

You have some. We prefer not to admit it or act like it does not exist. There is a surefire way to step straight into it, with failure as a result. It is far more useful to understand it. Knowing where our limits enable us to play to our strengths. It forces us to pay […]

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