Fault lines

The earth’s crust is made up of several tectonic plates. Fault lines are the places where these plates meet. It’s places of high volatility. These plates are constantly moving and flexing. The results could be anything from tremours to major earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. Most businesses are also riddled with fault lines. Like San Francisco, […]

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Rate of Growth

Usually the answer to the question, “How quickly do you intend to grow your business?” is “As fast as possible!” The question does not make much sense at first. Once we consider the implications, the picture gains clarity. The growth rate of my business is an intentional decision. It’s not based on cash pressure or […]

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At face value

It’s the obvious value. It’s visible. It’s easy. We don’t have to invest any time to understand it. We can easily determine it, manage it and mitigate its risks. As a result, so can everyone else. Your unique value proposition does not come from what is common. In fact, understanding the face value secures your […]

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Too good.

We have become so used to fantastic opportunities or great stories as bait to lure us into sinister situations that we filter it out. We have a default ‘to junk’ setting. It’s not intentional. It’s a defense mechanism. We implement it to avoid the confusion and pain false hope presents. What we don’t realise is […]

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Conflicting Models

We prefer to implement models. It creates a sense of comfort. Certainly much more comfort than the alternative, the unknown. Models have their limits. There are so many of them, and they do not all agree. Business models often conflict when the purpose of the business is ill-defined or in transition. If we consider that […]

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