Contours and straight lines

Logic suggests that the shortest path is the quickest. Intuition tells us this is not always so. Especially in the mountains. Contours are lines that show elevation. On a map, they wind around the hills and valleys maintaining a constant hight. Straight lines, by contrast, seek the shortest distance between two points. Om maps, this […]

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The mighty Eco-system

The problem with inventing a solution or pioneering an idea is acceptance. Without acceptance, it doesn’t sell, you cannot scale and it dies. This happens to brilliant ideas as well as mediocre ones. When we build in isolation we take on an established immune system as a foreign, threatening entity. We activate the need for […]

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Shaking the orchard

You have two options. Spend time individually picking fruit. This takes plenty of man-hours. It’s back-breaking work. This works well for vineyards and winemaking. You could shake it up. Grab the tree by the trunk and shake it. Whatever falls off is ready. Sure, some fruits might stay behind, it’s a small price to pay […]

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