Investor’s paradox

Sometimes we are under the impression that money is scarce. It’s hard to find investment for businesses. The economy is under pressure, investors are looking off-shore. There is risk aversion in the market. The list of excuses is as innovative as the people who make them. Investors are on the other side of the spectrum. […]

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Building Capacity

Increasing our ability to produce outputs. It’s a chicken and egg problem. We need more capacity to land big clients. We need more clients to access funding for expansion. Many small businesses get stuck at this hurdle for so long they end up servicing only their current clients and giving up on their dreams. Fortunately, […]

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Safety Net

We use them when we try something new. Specifically when that new thing is hard and risky. It provides some security while we create new mental pathways. It allows us to focus all our energy on getting the critical things right, without using precious mental faculties calculating the risks. Eventually, you take away the net. […]

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