Time to waste.

We account for time in one of two ways: second by second or lifetime. Since time is limited, we passionately promote efficiency. It’s all about the hustle. It’s about optimal value out of every second. There is no time to waste. Every second must be productive. Every day must account. Every action justified by its […]

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Powerful Pauses

It’s something great artists use. Every musician, artist, speaker, and poet uses pause. For the majority of us, it’s there to take a breath or form an outline. It’s functional and necessary. This is just ‘pause’. In the hands of an artist, ‘pause’ is intentional, not functional. Pause is the absence, the silence, the negative […]

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The Bell Lap

It’s the final lap. That final push where you give it everything you’ve got. It’s the culmination of your race strategy. The swan song for long hours of hard work. It’s the opportunity to be remarkable. Welcome to the bell lap. The last month of the year. It’s not just about finishing strong, it’s also […]

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