Business Plyometrics

Explosive power. The ability to exert maximum force in a short time interval. Plyometrics conditions our muscles for maximum output in a quick burst. The goal here is responsiveness. Having power on tap is useful in sports and activities that are unpredictable, non-repeatable or short. Basketball or downhill skiing are great examples. Business is faced […]

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Winds of Change

It comes without warning. It brings new weather, nutrients, possibilities and opportunities. It upsets the status quo. We can protect against it. Erect shelters and windfalls. Such precautions might change our experience, but when we emerge from our shelters we will not recognise the landscape we left behind. We can either embrace or protest, but […]

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When pilots learn to fly, they do so with visual frames of reference called VFR or visual flight rules. This is a great way to learn, but it restricts their flying to favourable conditions. When pilots progress in their training they receive an instrument rating. This allows them to fly IFR or instrument flight rules. […]

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