It’s imperative. The transfer of knowledge, protection of tradition and shaping of the future are all dependent on it. When we do not teach, we fail society. We squander that which is meant to propel on that which creates stumbling blocks. It’s responsibility. I can only teach what I understand. Before I teach, let me […]

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Who’s gonna drive?

The most profound conundrum of our time. Whether you are planning a point to point expedition or a night out on the town, someone has to sit out the fun. They must be willing to run logistics and not experience the grand adventure. While the rest are getting psyched for exciting possibilities, they raise their […]

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Owning up

This is what remains when we are confronted with failure. We can blame shift, or design elaborate excuses. This just drags the failure along with us. The only way to move forward is to own up. For leaders, this is even more complicated. Leaders can delegate responsibility, but never accountability. The final outcome is always […]

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Sacrificial Leadership

There is no other kind. Leaders are defined by their followers and supporters. Leaders offer a compelling vision of the future. What makes it compelling is not the eloquence of the communication, but the commitment of the leader. I believe in what my leader believes. What he believes is made evident to me by what […]

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Alien Race Hypothesis

If we are the peak of intelligence on earth, it stands to reason that it is possible,  somewhere in the expanse of the universe, for a more intelligent species to exist. The question perhaps is, why does it matter? Do we justify the existence of a more intelligent species to help us cope with problems […]

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