It’s good to have some. With physical items, it’s easy to calculate the optimal level of reserves. We use stock turn-over, catastrophic loss or risk tolerances to determine adequate levels. With non-physical resources, science is much less exact. How resilient should we be when the business just isn’t working? How long do we keep training […]

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The cost of change

New opportunities are intoxicating and thrilling. They come filled with promise of adventure and possibility. Most of all, they come with hope. Hope that our future will be brighter and happier. All these sunny-side-up bubbles and unicorn farts downplay the costs. The sacrifice of change is usually larger than we anticipate. We expect it to […]

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Lessons in Thankfulness

Today is one of my favourite days of the year. Every week we write a note listing all the things we are thankful for that week and place it in our thanksgiving jar. Today is the day we crack it open. Every year I am amazed by the sheer number of increadible things for which […]

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In hope’s defense

It’s been relegated to the land of fairytales and wonder. It’s an antiquated idea we used to deal with complexity before we knew everything. It’s a mirage we create to escape the realities of our present. Ironically, this is the way we react when we don’t understand something. We undervalue it or consider it unnecessary. […]

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Positivity Preaching

A positive outlook enables a can-do attitude. It increases our resilience and gusto to keep on going when the going gets tough. We should do it, all of us, all the time. It creates a healthy state of mind. Positive thinking focusses on potential and possibilities instead of hurdles and impossibilities. It all sounds so […]

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