Follow Through

It is the portion of the swing or stroke after impact with the ball until the end of the swing. We often underestimate the value of the follow-through since the ball has already been struck. In reality, it presents the complete picture of the impact on the ball. The momentum we carry through the motion […]

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Under Pressure

In an ideal world, we like to think that we would experience no pressure. We perceive pressure as a negative consequence of the modern world. This is not so. Pressure creates energy that enables performance. Our heart’s primary function is to create pressure. It is this very pressure that sustains life. As we all know, […]

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The fact is

it’s complicated. We would much prefer a set of facts that we can all agree on and are universally applicable. This is not easy to prove. Science represents the custodians of universally applicable facts. Many of these are hotly debated and in contention within the community of the very people who hope to determine it. […]

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