Technology vs experience

With the blistering pace of technological innovation, systems are constantly increasing in the sophistication of its prediction and interpretation. As this ability is applied in more and more contexts, the human interface/replacement question is becoming more complex and more relevant than ever. We are confronted with questions we have never had to think about before. […]

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Command and Control

It used to be a great way to run organisations. When we had few skilled workers, limited competition and slow-moving markets this made sense. Organisations structured this way do not accommodate innovation well. Suppression either leads to uprising amoung the innovators or organisations that increase in irrelevance until their ultimate demise. If you achieved widespread […]

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Unless something is broken, don’t fix it. This is a worthwhile approach to processes. We develop and refine processes until they attain perfection. Once achieved, these processes should repeat consistently and efficiently. No tinkering required. Here, complacency is good. The reason we create processes is that we hope to achieve something. An outcome or result. […]

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