Organisational Congruence

It is achieved when we accurately align our organisational reality with our internal structure. This requires a thorough understanding of our strategy and the drivers that ensure successful execution on those objectives. When we are in the start-up phase with limited market traction and brand recognition we require an aggressive sales engine to drive penetration […]

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It’s an expensive fix for when trust breaks down. Expensive resources now fill their time with the same activities meant to be done by their direct reports. It’s also a symptom of a bigger problem for which this fix is only temporary and not very effective. When trust breaks down, we need to limit the […]

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Character and Competence

These are the two variables for healthy employees. The co-essentials. We often make the assumption that an individual with high competence also has character. This logic tracks because you do not get this good at something without discipline and commitment. Huge corporate ethical failures make a strong case for the opposition. Shady deals and practices […]

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