It’s the key ingredient in the future we build. It got us where we are. It is because of our history, experience and exposure that we are presented with the opportunities to influence the future. Sometimes our history feels more like a hurdle than a stepping stone. It’s a dead weight we would prefer to […]

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Down in the dumps

It’s ok to visit there every once in a while. The important thing is why. Are we there to throw out the trash? The trash in our thinking, our company, our self-speak or our perspective. If so, it’s a trip with a purpose that sheds unnecessary weight and allows us to face the future light […]

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Shed the weight

Climbing a mountain is a big commitment. It makes sense to travel as light as possible. We don’t pack things we don’t need. Running a marathon is the same. It’s much easier when we are not overweight. Excess fat and even muscle serve no purpose. No point in lugging it along. Pursuing a new strategy […]

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The Grind

Coffee beans are rich with complex flavour. In order to appreciate this flavour it must first be unlocked with a roasting process. Roasting causes chemical changes to take place that unlock the aroma of the bean. Next, this flavour must be exposed. Enter the grind. The best method to expose the flavour is to harness […]

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