Driving Systemic Change

We are confronted with systems that fail us on a daily basis. The reality is that most of these systems are this way because it’s the best way we know how. Changing systems sound easy, but in practice, the barriers and hurdles are significant enough to maintain the status quo. Driving change at a systemic […]

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Audacious Challenges

They have a set of critical success factors. Things that you should include in your design to set yourself up for success. Especially if you have not done it before. Like climbing Everest. Information: You do as much research as you can. You read everything you find. You learn the risks, requirements, costs, and hazards. […]

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When the plan goes sideways

We have all been in situations like this. You planned everything to perfection. You project execution, your hike, your Saturday. You had a particular vision of the future. This vision was rendered impossible by a curveball. A black swan, an unimaginable eventuality, an emergency. This is not because you did not plan well, or managed […]

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First Impressions

They tend to last a long time. They are created in an instant. They are hard to change. This is great if you excel at them, bad if you don’t. Where is your customer’s first interaction with you? Is this a great impression? It might be your receptionist, your tourism info desk, your driver, or […]

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Serving a world in crisis

When you tackle the biggest challenges in the world, you are bound to face challenges very few people do. Hunger, isolation, lack of education and medical care, social injustice, racial and cultural insensitivity. These are the issues that most of us chose to avoid. There are some brave organisations that tackle these wholeheartedly and bravely. […]

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