It tends to be the result of dedication, persistence, and insistence. Dedication is comfortable with the long game. It realises that long hours over long periods may be required without much in the way of credit or acknowledgement. It remains singular in its pursuit not getting distracted by more appealing uses of time. Persistence is […]

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It’s not very high on the agenda. Mostly because we need so much time to cater to our own needs. By the time we are done, there is so little energy left to consider the needs of others. You see this show up in the way we disembark aeroplanes, navigate traffic and any other situation […]

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External Reference

Some of us have an innate sense of direction. No matter where we are, we have a general idea of the direction we are facing or heading in. Some of us don’t. No matter which category you fall in, external references are helpful. The way the environment responds to our approaches, products or personalities provides […]

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Innovation Bridges

Some innovations break the mould. They redefine what we believe as possible. They challenge our frameworks of reality. They also tend to fail. Incremental innovation has been far more successful. The gradual progress of a truly revolutionary idea. It gives consumers and infrastructure time to catch up. The quantum leaps tend to be restricted to […]

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Learn the language

It’s not the customer’s responsibility to learn the language. The communicator is responsible for the clarity of the message. If language is a stumbling block, it is one the communicator should overcome. In other words, the party getting paid. When we come in with solutions, we speak in acronyms and concepts that are familiar to […]

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