The unbelievable

It’s not so much that we cannot believe it as that we did not expect it. It refers to things outside of our frame of reference or expectation. This is usually because it’s very rare or really unlikely. It would be more acuate to say I did not account for it. Disruption works this way. […]

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Public Service Announcement

Cost cutting or management is never an excuse for poor customer service. Our business is dependent on satisfied customers for its survival. We cannot afford to make them unhappy. Not so for public service. We seem to have the idea that because the service is paid for by taxes that our customers do not have […]

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Unless something is broken, don’t fix it. This is a worthwhile approach to processes. We develop and refine processes until they attain perfection. Once achieved, these processes should repeat consistently and efficiently. No tinkering required. Here, complacency is good. The reason we create processes is that we hope to achieve something. An outcome or result. […]

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