The unbelievable

It’s not so much that we cannot believe it as that we did not expect it. It refers to things outside of our frame of reference or expectation. This is usually because it’s very rare or really unlikely. It would be more acuate to say I did not account for it. Disruption works this way. […]

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Organisational Congruence

It is achieved when we accurately align our organisational reality with our internal structure. This requires a thorough understanding of our strategy and the drivers that ensure successful execution on those objectives. When we are in the start-up phase with limited market traction and brand recognition we require an aggressive sales engine to drive penetration […]

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Conducive Environments

In a world driven by formulas and methodologies, we can easily get caught in the trap of standardised solutions. A factory model approach to everything that requires standard practices for scale, learning, skills transfer and recruitment. A system driven by these practices will always favour the parties with scale. It’s the only competitive metric in […]

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Difficult work

In a world of ever-increasing options and instant access, the delivery of services and products are not enough. High-quality services and products are the gates you must pass through to earn access to the market. That’s easy work. To design this for pleasant customer experience is not. We think about business process optimisation from a […]

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What you have

Three building blocks that determine the success of every organisation. A look at Intent, Energy and Intelligence as the determinants of value for your business.

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