Level of your Expectation

You prepare for it. It shows in your demeanour, your language and the size of your ask. People are unlikely to meet you above your level of expectation. They use it as the anchor point to gauge your perception of your capacity, ability and vision. It would be foolish to task you beyond it. Those […]

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The reason it is a good idea to have an elevator pitch is so that you can pitch your business, idea, opportunity in an elevator. You never know who you might meet, or when. An elevator might just give you the 11 seconds you would never formally get in your mark’s diary. Best capitalise when […]

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Back against the wall

Surrender and face certain defeat or fight back for the slimmest chance of victory. Sure, the odds are not in your favour. We would always prefer to avoid it. No-one ever plans suffering, failure or defeat into their narrative. It’s uncomfortable. It feels like a bad omen, a lack of self-belief, or even a self-fulfilling […]

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Crafting by Candlelight

The light is not far-reaching. We see just enough to craft the masterpiece with which we are busy. It might seem insignificant or inconsequential at first. What we don’t realise is that so many others are crafting their own little masterpieces. When the right ones come together it becomes solutions. Like pieces of a puzzle, […]

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It’s the setup for execution. We tend to focus more on how we address the ball, or the follow through. In reality, our backswing is a critical ingredient to successful execution. The way we prepare for big events is a leading indicator for the result we should expect. The ‘silence’ rule in golf includes the […]

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