Crafting by Candlelight

The light is not far-reaching. We see just enough to craft the masterpiece with which we are busy. It might seem insignificant or inconsequential at first. What we don’t realise is that so many others are crafting their own little masterpieces. When the right ones come together it becomes solutions. Like pieces of a puzzle, […]

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It’s the setup for execution. We tend to focus more on how we address the ball, or the follow through. In reality, our backswing is a critical ingredient to successful execution. The way we prepare for big events is a leading indicator for the result we should expect. The ‘silence’ rule in golf includes the […]

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The cost of change

New opportunities are intoxicating and thrilling. They come filled with promise of adventure and possibility. Most of all, they come with hope. Hope that our future will be brighter and happier. All these sunny-side-up bubbles and unicorn farts downplay the costs. The sacrifice of change is usually larger than we anticipate. We expect it to […]

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Shed the weight

Climbing a mountain is a big commitment. It makes sense to travel as light as possible. We don’t pack things we don’t need. Running a marathon is the same. It’s much easier when we are not overweight. Excess fat and even muscle serve no purpose. No point in lugging it along. Pursuing a new strategy […]

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The Bell Lap

It’s the final lap. That final push where you give it everything you’ve got. It’s the culmination of your race strategy. The swan song for long hours of hard work. It’s the opportunity to be remarkable. Welcome to the bell lap. The last month of the year. It’s not just about finishing strong, it’s also […]

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