Count your blessings

Life has a way of shifting our focus to challenges. Likely because these are things we do not choose and require energy and dedication to resolve. With this as our seemingly persistent reality, we unwittingly reflect on the shortcomings in our lives. We want to go on more holidays, earn more money, drive nicer cars, […]

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Increasing Performance

There are two levers to manipulate. Do more of the good stuff. Do less of the bad stuff. The choice seems linear and inconsequential. This is not true. When a car is not fuel-efficient we could just pour in more fuel and get where we are headed. It will cost more (more good stuff) but […]

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Activeness and aggression

Activeness is the willingness to engage. It’s pro-active and seeking. It creates, connects and ignites. It identifies potential and chips away at it to reveal the increadible statues within. It’s the creative force that goes hand in hand with patience. Aggression is the anti-type. It is self-seeking and destructive. It uses force to manipulate fit. […]

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