The Fight of your Life

It’s not where you might expect. Sure, there are many big fights we might encounter. Some of the big ones include poverty, access to education, bias in its many forms, privilege, geographical reality and even health. These are tough fights. They continue to claim many victims. Many of these fights are symptoms of systemic exclusion […]

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Tackling big challenges

It’s similar to American Football or Rugby. You can tackle the biggest guy on the team using superior strategy (targeting weaknesses and vulnerabilities) or you can tackle him with a buddy. Many of the challenges we face are systemic and historic. Many have tried and failed over the years to resolve or improve the situation. […]

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Brave Conversations

It happens when we get people in the room willing to boldly tackle tough problems. Most problems are so big that we feel inconsequential. This powerlessness leads us to water down our vision and with it our ability to make an impact. So many people care about these same issues and feel as you do. […]

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Knock-on effect

Every choice we make is either good for us or bad for us. On the border between these two outcomes is a line that divides the plain (0). Below the line is gross negative outcomes (-) and above the line is gross positive outcomes (+). When we make our first decision, we set off in […]

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Global Capitalism

Capitalism is one of the strongest transformational forces in the world. It has changed the face of the globe to one where poverty has been decreased and scarcity has diminished. As a philosophy and economic model, it has evolved and matured in response to its effects. It encourages competition to ensure healthy market forces giving […]

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