Default Setting

We all have them. It’s all the things we do without thinking. Not because we are lazy, but because the default setting has been programmed to execute without additional mental loading. This is useful for menial everyday tasks like driving, cooking, getting dressed. The existence of defaults in our thinking frees up processing power for […]

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Playing to your strengths

In order to do so, we must first appreciate our uniqueness. You have value to add. We all need you to add it. The best way to do so is to offer what you are great at and allow everyone else the opportunity to do the same. A single ingredient does not a meal make. […]

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Ready, Set, Go

You expect big things for this year. You gear up your capacity in anticipation. This makes sense when your performance is directly linked to your capacity. This is the case in industries like mining and manufacturing. Alternatively, you might also be dreaming big for this year.  However, your primary focus should be to speed out […]

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Napoleon Complex

Sometimes we fall short. We don’t measure up. We don’t meet the bar. This can be devastating. It’s even worse when you can’t do anything about it. Like when you are too short to take a ride at the theme park or get into the basketball team. Mostly we can do something. Like a short […]

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