Most of the time, most things go according to plan. At least, within the boundaries of what the reality is expected to be. When the realities start falling outside of these parameters, we need contingencies. This is easy, merely because these contingencies are really just part of the realm of foreseeable possibilities. The tricky part […]

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It’s not always easy to determine. There are always more things that need doing than our ability, means or time to do it. This requires us to prioritise. We give preference to certain activities over others. Making the right choice is critical. The only way to ensure we do so is to create a framework […]

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The unbelievable

It’s not so much that we cannot believe it as that we did not expect it. It refers to things outside of our frame of reference or expectation. This is usually because it’s very rare or really unlikely. It would be more acuate to say I did not account for it. Disruption works this way. […]

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It’s the setup for execution. We tend to focus more on how we address the ball, or the follow through. In reality, our backswing is a critical ingredient to successful execution. The way we prepare for big events is a leading indicator for the result we should expect. The ‘silence’ rule in golf includes the […]

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Prepared or Planned

They are not the same. Preparedness addresses our ability to respond to what happens. We could facilitate preparedness in one of two ways. Through planning or through packing. Packing is when we carry around a huge survival kit with all items we could possibly need in any situation. It does not require too much planning […]

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