Count your blessings

Life has a way of shifting our focus to challenges. Likely because these are things we do not choose and require energy and dedication to resolve. With this as our seemingly persistent reality, we unwittingly reflect on the shortcomings in our lives. We want to go on more holidays, earn more money, drive nicer cars, […]

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Our perception of curvature is based on our position relative to the object. Flat disks viewed from the side look no different than a straight line. (Welcome to Flatland.) Curvature is deceptive. The presence of curvature changes the qualities of the object we are perceiving. It introduces nuance. Curvature usually adds an additional dimension. This […]

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Time to waste.

We account for time in one of two ways: second by second or lifetime. Since time is limited, we passionately promote efficiency. It’s all about the hustle. It’s about optimal value out of every second. There is no time to waste. Every second must be productive. Every day must account. Every action justified by its […]

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Change your angle

Looking at things from a single angle leads to a limited understanding of the object. If I spot a circle from a distance, I distinguish only a single facet, in two dimensions. It could be a ball, a cylinder, a flat sheet or even a cone. Closer inspection might provide clarity on the nature of […]

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