Stepping Stones

So you want to get there. Unfortunately, there is a leap too far. This is a good thing, it creates tension and aspiration. It inspires us to grow, to expand our limits. It drives us forward. Unless we try to make the leap anyway. Inevitably, we fail and fall. If we survive it, we are […]

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The value of not yet

In a world of instant gratification, waiting is not tolerated. We want constant progress and constant growth. Anything that stands in the way is the enemy. The consequence is short term thinking and short term results frameworks. It turns out there is significant value in waiting. It’s not just about as soon as possible, but […]

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Exposing the best

This is the mandate of mentors. Great mentors create environments in which their followers can flourish. By implication, it’s also their responsibility. Every interaction is an opportunity to expose the brilliance of the individual and showcase it to the world. This is tiresome and draining work. It requires focus and intention. Great leaders do this […]

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Jumping the gun

It’s a way in which anxiety manifests in our lives. The opposite of anxiety is not peace, but patience. Patience is not passive. Patience is most captured at the moment before the gun goes off on a 100m final. All the muscles are tensioned. They are poised for a quick response. The mind is focussed, […]

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Personal Best

The trick is that the more we’ve had, the harder they become to achieve. When you start running every new distance marker is a personal best. The second time you run most of those distances, you will improve and set a new personal best. It creates a hyperbolic expectation. By extrapolation, this would make everyone […]

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