Is it your core business? Does doing it create, enable or sustain a competitive advantage? Can you do it better than anyone else? If you answer yes to any of these questions, it makes sense to have your own version of a product or service, even if someone else offers something similar. If not, you […]

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It’s a key ingredient in trust. The alignment of our actions with our words. Authenticity though goes deeper still. It requires the alignment of our words and our intentions. We easily proclaim our intensions as that which we expect the listener is hoping to hear. We adjust our approaches to facilitate the achievement of a […]

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When we get it right we extend our reach, amplify our impact, and push the boundaries of the possible. Sadly, we mess it up far more frequently. Partnership is meant to unlock synergies and expand our perspectives. This requires interdependence. Success rates increase when we honour a few fundamental principles: Mutuality. Both parties derive benefit. […]

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Leaving the greenhouse

It’s a great place to nurture and grow, especially when our little seedling is vulnerable. Greenhouses provide protection from the elements. We can limit exposure and control all the critical conditions that affect growth. At some point, we need to leave the greenhouse. Our little tree cannot flourish in those protected, yet restrictive conditions. We […]

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Synergy and Greed

Few experiences match the thrill of great co-working relationships. The partnership just works. Everyone benefits. We achieve exponential returns. We have unlocked synergy. The result of our efforts is greater than the sum of the individual parts. We complement and enhance the contributions we all make. Something as rare an precious as this deserves to […]

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