Time to waste.

We account for time in one of two ways: second by second or lifetime. Since time is limited, we passionately promote efficiency. It’s all about the hustle. It’s about optimal value out of every second. There is no time to waste. Every second must be productive. Every day must account. Every action justified by its […]

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It’s the setup for execution. We tend to focus more on how we address the ball, or the follow through. In reality, our backswing is a critical ingredient to successful execution. The way we prepare for big events is a leading indicator for the result we should expect. The ‘silence’ rule in golf includes the […]

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Conflicting Models

We prefer to implement models. It creates a sense of comfort. Certainly much more comfort than the alternative, the unknown. Models have their limits. There are so many of them, and they do not all agree. Business models often conflict when the purpose of the business is ill-defined or in transition. If we consider that […]

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Learning Anything

It can be done. By extension, you can enter any market with any product just like your competitor had done. First movers do the hard work of creating. Second movers do the easier, yet all-important work of improving. History favours the second movers. Google, Microsoft and Facebook were all second movers. If you are planning to […]

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Cost drivers

The things that make you more expensive. Cost drivers have a bad wrap. Nobody likes things more expensive than they have to be. So identify your cost drivers, address them and everyone wins. You save money and you pass some of those savings on to your customer. Elegant in its simplicity. Until it’s not. Just […]

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