Two approaches to incompetence

One. We learn something new. We achieve conscious incompetence. We dislike the feeling of inadequacy. We find ways to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. When time is of the essence, shortcuts become the obvious choice. To get better at golf I buy more expensive equipment. (We do this with any sport really.) To […]

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Resolving Tension

The desire to do so is a powerful driving force. We strive to resolve tension. The structured of music is defined by the creation and resolution of tension. Infants are able to determine whether or not a piece of music is finished by the age of four months. Partly because the tension that the frequencies […]

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It’s the magic juice that helps us interpret and represent the world differently. It allows us to express, communicate, create and inspire. It is elusive. It seems to be a fickle cat that chooses your affection or rejects it. You seem to have little say in the matter. The lucky ones entertain and inspire the […]

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Transferable Skills

When you start to learn your first instrument it feels unconquerable. You don’t understand the theory, your fingers don’t work along, and your rhythm is atrocious. Your just not a musical person. The first instrument is the hardest. Your collective knowledge is zero. By the time you are competent you understand music and notes, you […]

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