Fast and Light

Sometimes, big challenges require a ‘just in case’ approach. When uncertainty is high, pack heavy. Be prepared for any eventuality. Secure responsiveness and flexibility into the approach. Fast and light is the other alternative. Commit to the cause, take only what you need, and get it done. It’s riskier. It’s faster. It’s really useful to […]

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The Uncomplicated

We often approach problems from a Utopian perspective. We compare our reality to our interpretation of a perfect setting. We design a solution to change our environment to the perfect picture. Our default setting is to rebuild. We create brand new, from the ground up, Utopian architecture. We design solutions for a reality that does […]

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Free stuff

One of the oldest tricks in the marketing playbook is to give away free stuff. We do this at trade shows, conferences and whenever we test the market for new products. When customers take our free stuff it proves they want what we give. This is good. We run back to the office and start […]

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Taking it easy

Easy is worth it. If you do something repeatable, predictable and simple, easy makes sense. Finding the easy way makes us smarter. It creates value and builds companies. Easy never starts out that way. Like learning to drive, it seems impossible in the beginning. Easy is the result of years of hard, dedicated commitment to […]

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