Exposing the best

This is the mandate of mentors. Great mentors create environments in which their followers can flourish. By implication, it’s also their responsibility. Every interaction is an opportunity to expose the brilliance of the individual and showcase it to the world. This is tiresome and draining work. It requires focus and intention. Great leaders do this […]

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Power Struggle

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s an all too familiar phrase. It has since become synonymous with the idea that power is a test of character. This power could be influence, as in fame or the limelight, or authority, as in positions of power. As if power is the crucible in which we forge […]

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Preaching to the Choir

Skills development is about more than a transfer of knowledge. When we understand skills development as training we reiterate information that our audience already knows. What the choir longs for is not another sermon about stuff they have heard a thousand times. They are waiting desperately for the opportunity to sing. They seek guidance to […]

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