Personal Best

The trick is that the more we’ve had, the harder they become to achieve. When you start running every new distance marker is a personal best. The second time you run most of those distances, you will improve and set a new personal best. It creates a hyperbolic expectation. By extrapolation, this would make everyone […]

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Mixing Cocktails

All hail the bartender. Not the waiter behind the bar that serves you drinks, the professional, that understands the unique profiles of alcohol. A true bartender mixes ingredients to create taste sensations that blow your mind. We could get caught up in making the perfect wine, whiskey or vodka. It requires mastery and focus. It […]

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Grunt Work

Do it. It’s the work we prefer not to do. The ‘cheap labour’ we farm out to others. We tell ourselves it’s because it’s not worth our time. Honestly, it’s because we’d prefer not to do it. It’s hard work. The thing with grunt work is that it tends to be core processes. It’s stuff […]

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Transferable Skills

When you start to learn your first instrument it feels unconquerable. You don’t understand the theory, your fingers don’t work along, and your rhythm is atrocious. Your just not a musical person. The first instrument is the hardest. Your collective knowledge is zero. By the time you are competent you understand music and notes, you […]

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