The value of one more

The challenge with one more is the law of diminishing returns. When we have only done something once, doing one more is a 100% increase. From the third, returns exponentially decrease. This quickly creates the impression that one more is less worth it. So we stop. We stop at good enough. What if we didn’t? […]

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The Collective

Benefits of joining the collective: Stronger voice Greater capacity Benefits afforded by diversity Unintended consequences: Most collectives do very little for individual recognition. You become as faceless as the organisation, system or mentality you hope to conquer. Where stronger voices are earned through majority, your contribution is diluted to a number, just like every other […]

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High-Quality Work

It’s an income statement, not a balance sheet. It is a measure of work over a period of time rather than a reflection of the current state of affairs. By implication, high-quality is not a switch we turn on and off. Instead, it’s an indication of a state of mastery. This is true in every […]

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Perfect Shot

It does not happen often. The light is right, the timing is perfect and the angle is sublime. In focus, on time, in context, at the right distance, with the right lens and the best subject matter. So many factors. So many moving parts. It seems impossible. You train. You rehearse. You improve in our […]

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Extra Effort

That exactly what it feels like. Extra, additional, over and above. In this case, it’s effort. It requires time and attention. It asks for sacrifice. How do I justify increasing discomfort for something that is not required? Worse of all is even if I did it, it would likely go unnoticed. Seems like a bad […]

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