Behind the Scenes

It’s easy to step out of a movie theatre and reflect on the experience of the last 2 hours. Most of the time we consider the experience and entertainment as an isolated event and rate our perception if the encounter. If we take a moment to consider the enormous amount of energy invested in such […]

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Pathways to Purpose

The first is a long journey with a stopover in a town called Discipline. There we are shaped and groomed through instilling of values, structure and dedication. It requires long hours of perfecting fundamentals. To our astonishment, we gain depth of understanding and a certain responsiveness possible only because of a well-trained subconscious. When we […]

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The value of one more

The challenge with one more is the law of diminishing returns. When we have only done something once, doing one more is a 100% increase. From the third, returns exponentially decrease. This quickly creates the impression that one more is less worth it. So we stop. We stop at good enough. What if we didn’t? […]

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The Collective

Benefits of joining the collective: Stronger voice Greater capacity Benefits afforded by diversity Unintended consequences: Most collectives do very little for individual recognition. You become as faceless as the organisation, system or mentality you hope to conquer. Where stronger voices are earned through majority, your contribution is diluted to a number, just like every other […]

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High-Quality Work

It’s an income statement, not a balance sheet. It is a measure of work over a period of time rather than a reflection of the current state of affairs. By implication, high-quality is not a switch we turn on and off. Instead, it’s an indication of a state of mastery. This is true in every […]

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