The reason it is a good idea to have an elevator pitch is so that you can pitch your business, idea, opportunity in an elevator. You never know who you might meet, or when. An elevator might just give you the 11 seconds you would never formally get in your mark’s diary. Best capitalise when […]

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The Countdown

It draws attention to an impending event. This creates airtime and interest. It increases the lifespan of attention. It builds expectation. For it to be effective, we must live up to the level of expectation all this attention created. If we do, the result is something spectacular. The emotions and experiences will be remembered for […]

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The theory of Degrees of Separation suggests that we are much more connected than we might think. It also suggests that, in an increasingly digital age, these degrees might be decreasing. The implication for business is significant. We spend so much time cresting touch points with our customers. We design add campaigns, thank you notes, events, […]

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Cannabis everything

There is a unique appeal to something that used to be forbidden. Open access creates the allure and excitement generated by the looming potential. People flock to it. Everyone wants a piece of the action. Enter Michael Porter. The market floods and profit margins even out. Not to worry, we can reignite the growth curve, […]

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We don’t dress it up. We don’t cover it in paint or sheets of appealing shapes. This is for two reasons. Firstly, we don’t see it often. It’s obscured from view. It’s not front of mind. Second, when we do look at the undercarriage, it’s helpful that it is not obscured. We prefer functional. We […]

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