It’s an expensive fix for when trust breaks down. Expensive resources now fill their time with the same activities meant to be done by their direct reports. It’s also a symptom of a bigger problem for which this fix is only temporary and not very effective. When trust breaks down, we need to limit the […]

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You the creator

This is the quantum leap. When I work as an employee I do what I’m told or expected. I follow processes and schedules that someone else creates for me. This is easy. I do not have to think. I am not expected to create. This is also hard. I have limited freedom. Everything I do […]

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Two fundemental questions

Are we going as far as we possibly can with the fuel we are using? Are we headed in the right direction? The first is a question of efficiency. Input vs output. ROI, cost versus benefit, etc. This is easy to measure but difficult to achieve. Every system, collection of processes, or organism experiences this. […]

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